Beyond X’s & O’s, Upward Basketball is all about developing athletes to be the best they can be at relationships, fellowship, good sportsmanship, and embracing the core fundamentals of the sport. This league is recreational and developmental, so if you are looking for your athlete to have intense competition, our league is not for you. Athletes are given a skills test to determine how well they can play the game. Teams are created such that the overall skillset is equal among all teams in each division. Athletes are coached not just on the athlete’s physical abilities, but the ability to be a “good sport.”

The driving purpose behind Upward Sports is a desire to help young athletes Play With Purpose. To Play With Purpose means to make smart decisions, improve in your physical development, discover your life’s purpose, and put others’ needs before your own. It’s more than a game. It’s every practice, every drill, every pivot, every pass, and every shot. Our kids become so much more than just an athlete.

 The ICUMC Upward Basketball program will involve Pre-K through 6th Grade athletes.

Registration for this year’s league will be Saturday, November 9, 2019 and Saturday, November 16, 2019. We will start the process at 9:00AM at Christ United Methodist Church, 14506 E. 39th Street, Independence, MO, 64055. Athletes will select the size of their uniforms and data will be collected. The Athletes will also be given a skills test so the teams can be built with a goal of each of the teams having similar talent and ability. The cost of the program is $85 with a $10 discount for each sibling involved. Fees for the program will be collected this time. A convenient online registration can be completed at https://registration.upward.org/UPW69724/add where credit cards are accepted.

 Each team will have a one-hour practice each week and a game on Saturdays that will last one hour. 

Games for the 2020 Upward Basketball season start on Saturday, January 25th, 2020. Teams will be notified well in advance when their games are. The season is for 8 weeks

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